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We at Booksbury® offer full-service publishing with a focus on high-quality printing at unbelievable pricing, while working with the best authors in the industry to provide the world with leading books in specified markets.

What we publish

Booksbury® is an independent publisher that works to create the highest level of quality printing and digital copies of non-fiction and personal business development publications in the Direct Sales industry. 

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Our books

Our award-winning books specialize in coaching and educating readers within the Direct Sales industry, from discussing related topics, to providing insight on specific actions needed in attaining personal goals and business aspirations.

Organic Networker®

Organic Networker® is considered to be the New Bible for network marketing by the industry’s top 75 millionaires.

Effortless Now®

30 Days Zen Mastery for the Heart and Soul.

Six Sugar Cubes

The Taste of Freedom

Marketing Is Freedom

Discover Time and Financial Freedom In Our Digital Age.

What we offer

We focus on signing and publishing some of the best books available in the market for you to grow your Direct Sales business. 

Excellent quality content

We only publish the best business and direct sales curated content.

Business-Growth focused

Our books will provide you with the best content and authors to elevate your company to the top.

Renowned authors

Our catalog includes some of the best selling books in the Direct Sales world.


We offer advice and revisions for new authors who want to publish with us.


We are responsible for the distribution of our publications. We align with different channels to reach our consumers.


Our network allows us to market and sell our books to the market you need.

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